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The Institute of Certified Secretaries is a professional membership association established by an Act of Parliament, Cap 534 of the Laws of Kenya. Over the years, the Institute has been on the forefront in promoting the practice of good governance in both private and public institutions.

The Institute in year 2010 inaugurated an Award for excellence in governance, titled the “Champions of Governance (COG) Award” to be given to those organizations and individuals that exhibit the highest standards of practice of good governance, in line with its vision and mission.

The Award aims at promoting practices in good governance in the following ways:-

1. Recognition of practice and application of good governance in the both the public and private sector entities.
2. Recognition of innovations in organizations that support good governance.
3. Encouraging organizations to focus on enhancement of good governance.
4. Promoting and recognizing research work in relation to good governance practices.

ICS is holding the Eleventh Edition of the COG Award in year 2022 and invites organizations to submit their entries for the Award.



The Award has the following categories and in each category there will be three awards, best in the category and first and second runners up:-

i) Agriculture Sector Award
ii) Finance and Investment Sector Award
iii) Commercial and Services Sector Award
iv) Industrial and Allied Sector Award
v) Insurance Sector Award
vi) Statutory Bodies Award
vii) Small and Medium Enterprises Award
viii) Co-operative Sector Award
ix) Retirement Benefits Sector Award
x) Water Services Sector Award
xi) NGO/Humanitarian Sector Award
xii) Education Sector Award
xiii) Faith Based Organizations Award
xiv) Commission Award
xv) Institutional Investor Award
xvi) Governance Researcher of the Year Award
xvii) County Public Service Board Award

viii) Chairman, County Public Service Board Award
xix) Secretary, County Public Service Board Award
xx) Chairman of the year Award
xxi) COG CEO of the year Award
xxii) Company Secretary of the year Award
xxiii) Champion of Governance Award
xxiv) Most improved Organization Award



The following parameters will be evaluated:

i) The Board
ii) Ethical Leadership and Corporate Citizenship
iii) Accountability, Risk Management and Internal Control
iv) Transparency and Disclosure
v) Shareholders Rights and Obligations
vi) Stakeholders Relationship
vii) Compliance with Laws and Regulations
viii) Sustainability and Performance Management

Some of the parameters will be applied discreetly, depending on the Sector/Organization set-up.


The following process will be applicable: -

i) All organizations participating in the COG Award shall be required to pay a nominal registration fee of Kshs. 96,000 to cover participation fees and dinner fees for three participants for the Gala Night, where the results will be
announced. Charges for other participants attending the Gala Night will be Kenya shillings Seven Thousand (Kshs. 7,000) per person and Kenya Shillings Forty Nine Thousand (Kshs. 49,000) for a discounted corporate table of 8
ii) Each organization shall complete a registration form and submit it to the Institute together with the registration fee.
iii) Each participating organization will also be eligible to participate in the Chairman of the Year Award, COG CEO of the Year Award and Company Secretary of the Year Award. County Public Service Boards will be eligible to participate in the Chairman, County Public Service Board Award and the Secretary, County Public Service Board Award.
iv) After registering and paying the registration fee, a self assessment form shall be sent to the organization for completion. This form should be returned to the Institute within 7 days of receiving it, together with all supporting documentation, as required in the form.

v) A team of at least two COG Award Governance Audit Consultants shall be
assigned to the organization to carry out the evaluation.
vi) The data collected from the organizations will then be analyzed appropriately.
vii) The organizational results will then be classified.
viii) The evaluation results will then be submitted to a Jury for decision making and the decision of the Jury shall be final.


To register for this year's Champions of Governance award, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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